Rubber Walk Pour-N-Place








The Rubber Walk Pour-N-Place is a 100% Recycled Rubber Safety Surface. It is a custom design application of our Loose Fill Colored Mulch in a permanent polyurethane adhesive.

Installed at your location by our experienced applicators, this permeable flooring provides a rugged surface this is ready for all weather conditions.

Accessible Walking Trails

Put some pep back in your step as you walk on The Rubber Walk Anti-Fatigue Surface. It will provide a more comfortable walking surface by reducing aches and pains in your joints which usually occur with traditional walking surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or good ole Mother Nature. The tough design of The Rubber Walk Surface will hold up under the busiest conditions. That is proven in our test results. The Rubber Walk exceeds procedure CRI TM-101, Wear Retention Testing Of 20,000 Foot Traffic Counts, with no change to surface appearance.

Safety Surfacing

The Rubber Walk Surface also performs as a playground safety surface. It meets and exceeds Shock Absorbing Properties in accordance with the procedures outlined in ASTM F-1292-96, Standard Specifications for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment as well as ASTM F 1951-99, Surface Accessibility Test. You will now have peace of mind knowing The Rubber Walk Safety Surface is there to catch you if you fall!

Erosion Control

If you are tired of washed out areas which require heavy maintenance, look to Rubber Walk for your answer. Rubber walk provides an economical, durable, steadfast solution to your problems.

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